Friday, 15 August 2008

Students (IV)

Students are different but, in a way, they are similar to handle. I have seen and educated dental students from many countries in the world and I always noticed a great enthusiasm, curiosity, keenness and wholeheartedness. And becoming older, I more and more admire their broad spectrum of interests and capacities of achieving different aims at the same time.

Tromsø University is a multicultural place with students from about one hundred nations. The Dental School is brand new and was officially opened in August last year with a rather sober ceremonial act, not really comparable with the colorful inauguration of my previous Dental School or graduation ceremonies at Kuwait University.

The students’ clinic is the most modern in the world. Students are in fact online and can solve any problems in real-time evidence-based. Thus, there might be soon a revolution in dental education.

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