Monday, 4 August 2008

The Effects Of Watering

After a lunch with a friend and a colleague from hurricane Katrina-devastated University of New Orleans I headed home. It was the first Conference of the African and Middle-Eastern Divisions of the IADR and many guests had come to the tiny country in the corner of the Persian Gulf, former co-workers of FOD. A record number of attendees from Iran, some from Saudi-Arabia, and many African colleagues who we had met one year ago in Nairobi on the occasion of the founding meeting of this IADR Federation. We had been in the Lebanese restaurant at the Marina Mall in Salmiya. It was end of September and temperatures had already dropped to more comfortable levels. But when I hurried home to the Al Qanaa building close-by, I realized that these 39 degrees had almost killed some of the plants on my balcony. Thank God, the canary birds were used to the heat, at least when the cage had been put in shady areas.

The effects of my emergency watering were documented between 2:54 and 3:46 pm in 16 shots. They recovered.

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