Sunday, 4 May 2008

Le Nôtre, May 2007

When looking at these pictures which had been taken exactly one year ago, I turn a bit sentimental again. My Farewell to Kuwait (and in fact, that night at Le Nôtre Restaurant was only one of numerous dinner parties and farewell meetings that very week in early May 2007) was very special and I want to thank all of you, my dear friends, again that you made it so memorable.

The last year I felt more than once a bit in exile. Having left the Middle East after 6 years of development, teaching and learning has inflamed a longing for coming back very soon. As you know, in October last year, I made my dream come true for the first time when I returned to Iran. But traveling to this part of the world is really difficult when being located in most Northern Europe! Anyway, I managed, and my adventures and explorations are well-documented on this blog. The good news is: Glimpses from the Middle East will go on. After 8 months, there is still a lot of material which I want to post every now and then.

Back in Old Europe, it definitely will take some time until I can start a new blog on Scandinavia and its beauties. It is very different here. At last, soaring temperatures reached 50 degrees the other day! Well, Fahrenheit. In the meantime, I have at least started writing my first arcticles ;-).

I hope seeing all of you soon again, either here in the Arctic, in Iran, in Kuwait, or other places.

Take Care!
Ha det godt!
Ma’asalamah! Khoda Hafez!
and May God bless you!

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