Tuesday, 25 December 2007

A Common World

Dear friends and colleagues!

In my first year in Kuwait it happened that Eid al Fitr was about at the same time as Christmas. When I bought some Christmas flowers the man in the flower shop congratulated me and I said Eid Mubarak! And he told me that he was very glad because Muslims and Christians can celebrate at the same time and even together.

Six years later, it happens again that now Eid al Adha (or Eid-e Ghorban) is being celebrated more or less at the same time as Christmas. According to the course of the moon this coincidence of holidays will happen only in 26 years or so again, then again with Eid al Fitr.

So, this time is also very special and I am very glad that I can wish my dear Muslim and Christian friends

Eid Mubarak and Merry Christmas! And a Happy and Successful New Year 2008!

Khoda Hafez!
Take Care!
Ha det bra!

A Common Word greetings

Thank you Saad, Lothar, Fatimah, Saeed, Jawad, Dora, Mohammad Reza, Julie & Uwe, Lars & Karin, Christel & Ernst, Michael & Sybille, Daniyal, Shirin, Ghaneema, Solmaz, Adel, Mervi & Ulvi, Golfam, Yunus & Amera, Adi & Birgit, Kefah & Yazeed, Abbas, Mitra, Sisko & Eino, Gerhard & Alexandra, Eija & Mauno, Abdulaziz, Keth & Frank, Ridwaan & Nazreen, Linda, Eero & Heidi, Birgit, Muawia, Arjuna, Jaber, Mona, Qoot, Faraj, Anja, Subhadra & Santosh, Asma & Athbi, Neda, Alireza, Faisal, Lars & Steffi, Gerd, Ehsan, Robin, and Maryam for most pleasant responses!

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