Friday, 20 March 2009

It's Springtime

On equinox today (astronomically, it occurs exactly at UTC 11:44 am), the sun is setting pretty much across the sund. Amazing to remember great emotions not even two months ago, when sun rose again (and set at the same time) after two long months of darkness at 69˚40’N 18˚56’E.

The March equinox is the beginning of spring (or fall in the southern hemisphere of the world). For Iranians it might be the most significant time of the year. They (and many other people in Central Asia or, for instance, the Turkish Kurds) celebrate Nowruz, the beginning of a New Year (1388 H).

To all of them

Nowruz Mobarak!


Mirror Polisher said...

Thank you...this year it's at 2:44 pm today (friday) so thankfully all the family can gather around.

Happy norooz to you too :)

Muller said...

Thank you, too! I didn't know until recently that even the exact time is important in the Nowruz celebrations!

Did I tell you that I stayed at Dibaee House when in Esfahan in 2008/2009? The effort of Mdme Sufi is quite impressive. The eccentric guest from the West were also interesting (maybe I am a bit eccentric, as well ;-)).

Mirror Polisher said...

:D Yeah...i saw that post..When i was there, there were only 3 guests who only stayed 1 night :(