Thursday, 17 September 2009

A Dokhtar-i Ghazi Prayer Rug

Timuri prayer rug
Dokhtar-i Ghazi design
Afghanistan, 150 cm x 98 cm, old (second half of 20th century)

Warp: W, Z2S, ivory, light brown
Weft: W, S, ivory
Pile: W, Z
Knots: as1
Density: 17 x 11, ca. 187 kpsi (2900 per sq dm)
Height of pile: 2 mm
Handle: like velvet, grainy
Upper end: -
Lower end: -
Sides: 0.5 cm wide, W, selvages black
Colors: 5, black, dark-purple, dark blue, brown-red, ivory (beige)

Classic Dokhtar-i Ghazi (the Qadi’s daughter) design. With considerable density of knots. The origin is sometimes identified as Timuri, an Afghan/Central Asian tribe which, according to George O’Bannon, does no longer exist in Afghanistan. See also a less interesting rug in R. D. Parsons’ Carpets of Afghanistan, plate 98. Good examples may be found on Thomas Cole’s page: ,

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